Affiliate Program

Want to be an affiliate/influencer for Cuban Link Central? Click here to fill in a form for this program. Below are the all details & requirements to do so. Feel free to ask us anything if you have any further questions 🤝 


  • A good social media presence (preferably Instagram) 
  • Reasonable amount of followers
  • Decent reach on your social media platform

What you will have to do for us:

  • Promote one of our products on your social media account (stories/posts)
  • Make reels promoting our brand & product (be creative)
  • Add a link of “” on your profile with the words “use code ______ (your code) to get 10% OFF” (optional)

Perks you will be able to enjoy

  • 40% - 50% OFF all the products you are going to be promoting on your account initially
  • 15% lifetime discount
  • Your very own code for your viewers to get 10% OFF on ANY product without a minimum purchase volume/price.
  • Get 5% - 10% commission for every sale obtained through your code

What details we need from you once you’re approved as an influencer:

  • What you would like your promo code to be 
  • What you would like to put on our “meet our influencer” page on instagram (short description, social media links)